5 tips to cook perfect grilled vegetables

Meat is part of every barbecue party. But along with it, people serve grilled vegetables as well to make the menu rich. Here are the tops to cook perfect grilled vegetables.

Put oil on them

Vegetables tend to dry out when they come in contact with heat. So, before you put them on the flame, toss a light coating of oil on them. Oil also makes seasoning to stick on uniformly. We recently did a catering for a graphic design company in Dallas and used this recipe.

Don’t burn them

You should know which vegetables take longer to cook and which cooks fast. Vegetables like potatoes, for example, will take a long time to cook. If you cook them over high heat for a long time, they will get burned on the outside but raw on the inside. To prevent this kind of burning you must sear vegetables on high heat and then shift it to a cooler part of the grill.

Use a grill basket or a skewer

You should put smaller vegetables on skewer or grill basket to prevent them from rolling around and falling. You can place larger vegetables on the grill directly.

Size matters

The way you prepare your vegetables indicates how they will cook. You should cut the vegetables into small pieces if you want them to cook quickly. You should cut vegetables like onions into thin rounds. This will make the onion crispier outside.

Cook in packets

If you don’t want to constantly keep an eye on the vegetables, you can cook them in packets. You should cut a 24-inch long piece of foil paper and place the vegetables on the foil. Fold the foil and make it a packet. Then place it on the grill.

Vegetables cook fast and they are very delicious. You also don’t need to worry whether the vegetables are undercooked or overcooked in the middle like you have to do in case of meat. You can say that the vegetables are ready simply by looking at them. Use these tips to cook your vegetables and notice how perfectly cooked they turn out to be.